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Course title

TA-TC 1510

SS7 Signaling and Applications in Mobile Networks

TA-TC 1600

GSM Signaling

TA-TC 1610

(E)GPRS Core Network Signaling Protocols

TA-TC 1620

(E)GPRS Air Interface Signaling Protocols

TA-TC 1700

WCDMA Protocols and Procedures

TA-TC 1710

WCDMA Radio and Application Protocols

TA-TC 1720

WCDMA Transport Protocols

TA-TC 1730

WCDMA Signaling for Smartphones

TA-TC 1740

WCDMA FDD Physical Layer and Procedures

TA-TC 1750

Camel Phase 4 Signaling Protocols for CS Services

TA-TC 1760

UMTS Core Network Protocols

TA-TC 1800

LTE Protocols and Procedures

TA-TC 1810

SIP - Session Initiation Protocol

TA-TC 1820

LTE Radio Interface - Physical Layer

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