Network Planning & Optimization

We offer our customers a detailed analysis of their GSM, WCDMA and LTE mobile networks. For such analyses we use the Software TECHtrace® of our partner company smartTECH® GmbH. Of course we can carry out the investigations on the basis of your software. Thereby the main focus is put on the following problems:

> Presentation of performance and traffic statistics independent from manufacturers/multivendour
> Evaluation of the major network problems and their reasons
> Elaboration of optimization recommendations to achieve the improvement of the network behavior
> Consulting regarding network roll-out

With the use of TECHtrace® we offer the following:
> Customized KPI can be included anytime
> Evaluation of longer periods (> 1 week) and larger areas (> 1 BSC and > 1 RNC  > 50 eNodeB) is carried out on the basis of OSS Counter-Data.
> Separate small clusters can be investigated via Log File / Trace File / Drive Test Data in detail.

The analysis provides the following results:
> bad coverage areas / high neighbouring cell interference
> overload in the air interface and within separate network elements of Radio Access Network
> service blocking as well as call drop including the reasons
> mobility within a network as well as interoperability between GSM, WCDMA and LTE
> traffic distribution (dominant services, throughput)
> time trends
> geographical trends (resolution below the cell level also with OSS data)

With our analysis and consulting we achieve the following objectives:
> Improvement of throughput and demanded services and thereby a better network capacity utilization
> Reduction of investment costs
> Better service quality for end customers


We are pleased to offer you a regular support and network testing.

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