Consulting and Expertise

TECHCOM® Consulting advises:
> Investors in the telecommunication/IT sector
> Companies from the telecommunication/IT sector looking for partners or financial means

Due Diligence
TECHCOM® Consulting is an ideal partner for the due diligence market. Only an independent company with the specialized knowledge can reliably evaluate the fundamental technology and market position.

TECHCOM® Consulting developed a multi-level evaluation concept, which allows the financial partners to define their solution possibilities.

Equity Holding
TECHCOM® Consulting makes a preselection of possible investors. At the request TECHCOM® Consulting conducts preliminary talks and evaluates Due Diligence process, USP, SWOT, competitor analysis etc.

TECHCOM® Consulting helps capital acquirers to find an appropriate partner. For this purpose TECHCOM® Consulting uses its own good contacts to companies in the financial and telecommunication/IT sector. TECHCOM® Consulting also works out your application portfolio.

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